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The Larimelle brand embodies a passion for traveling with style and taste. The products and the aesthetic let our clients travel the world comfortably, with an effortless appeal. We hope you will be able to travel the world with us and our clothes will encapsulate the beautiful places you visit, too.

Larimelle was cultivated for those who value femininity, class and elegance. On our website you will be able to find the perfect outfit for any occasion: Brunch with friends on 5th Avenue, relaxing on the beach in Saint-Tropez, a romantic dinner with a loved one in Venice, a ball in Vienna or even a red carpet event in Beverly Hills. Larimelle not only compliments your beauty but its livable comfort allows you to indulge in your surroundings and embrace your life with reigning confidence.


We specialize in resort wear, athleisure, luxury evening wear and travel accessories that will make a lasting impression,

everywhere you go.


Wear your travel dreams with us,

Sara Rewienska

CEO & Founder


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