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    650.00 $

    Our Blue Bird Lagoon Kimono was handcrafted to unveil the tranquility and harmony within you. The cranes detailing adorns this extraordinary piece and let you discover luxury at your leisure.

  • FEUILLE Kimono style robe

    650.00 $

    Larimelle’s most exhilarating print. The all-embracing luxury of Feuille is the ultimate embrace of our motto “live your travel dreams” and a true symbol of an indoor/outdoor chick.

  • Maison Classique Royal Silk Satin Robe

    680.00 $

    Maison Classique Royal Robe is Larimelle’s most luxurious piece that carries a subtle mystery. This gold & red pattern was primarily hand painted and then digitally screen-printed on the fabrics, ensuring the alluring 3D effect. Discover the endless possibilities with this extraordinary piece as your favorite sleepwear, stylish peignoir or during a day at the…

  • Peony of Beverly Robe

    650.00 $

    Utter luxurious, our Peony of Beverly kimono was inspired by the immaculate peony and colors of Beverly Hills. Symbolic of love, romance, and beauty the peony flower and Larimelle logo adorn this peignoir making it a sumptuous dressing statement. Our 100% battery soft silk satin evokes a feeling of glamour in everything you do.