La maison

Maison Larimelle is a luxury sleepwear and resort wear brand  originated in Dubai in 2021. Our mission is creating classy, feminine  and timeless pieces for world travelers. Our sleepwear line is a  manifesto of true “wearable art”. 
Larimelle’s each and every garment is a luxurious, handcrafted  piece of art that was made in Dubai but is known and loved globally  from Monaco to Los Angeles. 

As much as we value style and elegance we also realize the  importance of the pursuit of global environmental sustainability.  That’s why Larimelle is committed to producing more  environmentally conscious goods and is a big advocate of the slow  fashion movement. Each and every one of our garments is ethically  manufactured with respect to people, the environment and  animals. 

We are passionate about promoting sustainability and creating a positive socioeconomic impact in fashion. We have developed Larimelle’s “Wearable Art Design Platform” for our “World Sustainable Collection”. Our clothing line that collaborates with female artisans from developing nations to produce sustainable high-fashion items. Our “World Sustainable Collection” you can currently find Inside Burj Al Arab and Four Seasons Doha.